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Thanksgiving postscript

When my son's friend asked what she could bring to our Thanksgiving dinner, I suggested "a quote." She arrived with FOUR. So after we counted our blessings and savored a largely local organic meal (thank you farmers), we shared our inspirational messages -- food for thought and emotional nourishment.

Here are a few messages from our table that will linger longer than the leftovers:
On the wall of a janitor's closet:
"You control your response and therein lies your freedom."

From Jen's grandfather:
"Help me to be gentle in spirit, controlled in temper, charitable in judgment, and considerable in action."

From the Situationist blog:
"I'd encourage you to give thanks to all those who have gone before you who have doubted the status quo and who have identified injustice and impatiently fought against it."

Eat well and think critically,

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