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Food Safety About More Than Harmful Bacteria

Today I signed a petition asking USDA Secretary Vilsack to improve/increase inspections of meat served in USDA's school lunch program.
But increasing inspections really isn't enough. We have to change the system.
I added the following comment:

"Let's go one step further; let's serve our children certified organic food that helps protect them against hormone, antibiotic and pesticide residues. It is no coincidence that our daughters enter puberty earlier than previous generations of women, or that we have growing rates of autism, ADHD and allergies. Organic food and agriculture protects our children beyond their plates."

When we talk about food safety, let's think beyond the typical nasty bacteria that make the headlines. Let's talk about protecting our children from food additives, ingredients, and agricultural compounds that will make them sick over time and harm their environment.

Think critically and eat well.

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