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Iowa Doesn't Have to Stink

Friends of the Food Revolution: Last weekend I traveled to Spring Valley, WI for a meeting of the Midwestern Organic and Sustainable Education Service Board. When I returned home, I felt compelled to write to IA Governor Culver. Here's why:
While driving north of Des Moines on I-35 I became increasingly angry over the repulsive stench from hog manure.
I wondered: How could IA's political leaders and citizens allow hog confinement operations (also called CAFOs) to destroy the common good -- IA's clean air and water?
Surely this can't be good for tourism, property values, and public health.
The MO Rural Crisis Center has calculated that just as much pork can be produced on smaller, more bio-diverse farms that naturally incorporate animal waste back into the land without the stench and pollution.

I don't believe we can afford the "cheap" meat that the owners of these hog confinement facilities promise.
Consumers: if you can, buy directly from independent family farmers. Know where your food comes from and how it was produced.
Your food dollars are votes for true sustainability.

Think critically and eat well.

1 comment:

  1. Melinda,
    Thank you for your thoughts and words for Iowa. The governor is rarely working in our best interest, especially during a budget crisis and election year, but he needs to hear what we have to say! Luckily there are many options for Iowans who want to eat well and sustainably, and many of us are voting with our dollars daily.