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Nothing Natural about GMOs

Are you ever confused by natural labels on meats? When I shop at my local farmers' market I typically find farmers touting their "naturally raised" beef, pork and chicken. But what does "natural" mean exactly?
Not much!
Only the organic label assures you that your meat comes from an animal that has not been fed GMO grain (or antibiotics and hormones).

When I shop at my local market I like to ask the farmer what he/she feeds their animals.
Is it organic feed? Pasture? or Conventional grain?
Conventional feed or grain is a red flag because it typically means GMO corn and/or soy.

Too often the farmer tells me that the price of non GMO grain is cost prohibitive, or may not even be available!

To me, purchasing meat from an animal that has been fed GMO grain is a vote for the corporations who limit seed choice and put GMOs on our plates, like it or not.

Buyer be informed.
Eat well and think critically.

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