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Hungry for Connections

Just back from Vermont where I presented two workshops on word-working and critical thinking at Amanda Archibald's "Food Dialogs" event. Her gatherings move our discussion about food and health way beyond the Pyramid. Plus, the fresh, local food (including maple syrup and organic dairy) nourished body and soul.

Archibald's Field to Plate events include explorations of ourselves and surroundings, and reveal the deep hunger we share to reconnect to our food, natural environment and people. Oh, and did I mention the additional pleasures of kitchen conversations over fresh, local food?

Wild Crafter Nova Kim describes "wild" food as the "original organic." She says many of us "suffer under illusions" about our planet and food system -- that it's safe, secure and sustainable, for example.

Connecticut farmer and dietitian, Jean Crum Jones, sees small family farmers as "the ants among the elephants."
She explains that "quarterly profits do not equal sustainability," and implores us to join efforts to preserve farmland. Especially important is the land located at the "urban edge" which can most sustainably feed urban populations.
"It shouldn't be so hard," Jones says, to get healthy food to hungry people.

Think critically and eat well,

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