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Just Label It: A Consumer's Right to Know about GMOs

GMOs are genetically engineered crops and foods. Most of the corn, soy, cotton, canola and sugar (from sugar beets)  in our diets has been genetically engineered to withstand spraying with herbicides. Some GMO crops (corn and cotton) contain a pesticide in every plant cell. 
 But the consumer has no way of knowing if and which foods contain GMO ingredients because unlike other countries, including those in Europe, and Japan, the U.S. does not require labeling. 

Why might we want to know what we're eating and feeding our precious children? Because GMOs have never been tested for long term safety on human populations or the environment. And we have reason for concern.
For one, the herbicides sprayed on GMO crops have unintended harmful consequences to our soil and wildlife. 
Two, GMO crops have the potential to introduce new proteins into our environment that may cause allergic reactions.
If you would like to see genetically engineered foods labeled as such, please note that the next two weeks are critical for taking action. The first step in helping the general public wake up to the GMO trespass on our farmland and in our food is a simple food label.

March 27th is  the "due date" when the FDA must respond publicly to the petition calling for GMO-food labeling. Please sign the petition to the FDA if you care about the integrity and safety of our food supply.
Genetically engineered seeds and crops threaten the integrity of organic farms and food because of the likelihood of accidental pollen contamination. Organic food, by law, cannot be genetically engineered.
It's easy to learn more, and send a comment electronically from the website. 

Add your name if you care. The integrity of our food system is at stake. 

Think critically and eat well,

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