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It's NOT the Onion. It's Mid-America Crop Life

In response to Mrs. Obama's organic garden on the White House lawn, the Mid-America Crop Life Association wrote her a letter reminding her of the importance of "crop protection technologies" (READ: pesticides). Yet real crop protection depends on the preservation of biodiversity. Mono-cropping and genetically engineered seed that depends on costly industrial agricultural chemicals hurts small family farmers, harms pollinators, and makes us all more vulnerable to famine. As citizens, it's our responsibility to be involved in policy. Let USDA's Tom Vilsack know that all children deserve organic food in their public schools, and we want genetically modified foods labeled, so that we can better avoid them and track their affects on public health. We have a right to know.
Learn more about pesticides: Read Will Allen's "The War on Bugs," and understand the history and consequences of genetically engineered seed in Claire Hope Cummings' "Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds." And don't miss these two great new documentaries: FRESH, and Food Inc.
Think critically and eat WELL.

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