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Is Organic More Nutritious?

While speaking at the West Virginia Dietetic Association last week, an audience member asked if I thought that organic food was more "nutritious."

I explained that food is more than a sum of nutrients, and that it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots. Because organic agriculture protects our air, water, soil and pollinators, it makes sense that it would help protect our health in turn. If we think ecologically, we can understand how we all live downstream; all systems are interconnected.

As for whether it is more important to purchase some foods more than others with the "organic" label, look at like this: Even if we can peel a banana and therefore limit our self-exposure to pesticide residues on the peel, some child in South America will likely drink water that has been contaminated with pesticides used on that fruit. Choosing organically produced food protects eaters and producers.

We live on one small planet, and our food choices have far reaching consequences. For that reason, I gladly support organic farmers who produce a safer and in many cases more nutritious product for my family, and the planet all children will hopefully inherit.

Think critically and eat well,
Melinda "Food Sleuth" Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D.

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